Build Your Template

construction of a website

This short step-by-step guide should help those that want to build a CSS or HTML template and have never done it before. It points to the steps need for creating CSS file and HTML file and how to easily combine them to work together. After that you can check out more information about advanced features and other options. Or you can use CSS or HTML editor to help you create more complex website. So here are the steps needed for building a CSS/HTML template.

Step 1: writing the CSS or HTML

Step 2: adding some interesting colors

Step 3: adding nice fonts

Step 4: adding a powerful navigation bar

Step 5: styling the hyperlinks

Step 6: adding a horizontal line

Step 7: putting the style sheet into separate file

By following these steps you can create a CSS/HTML template. When your site grows you can add some pages and follow additional steps for making it look great. There are many methods available for that so get more informed and check out necessary steps for that. Online you can find some helpful websites where everything is thoroughly explained and watching videos is also recommended to stay on the right track.