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Forum Sites [Best Templates]

Online forums have always been popular places for discussion. There are thousands of different forums on virtually any topic and millions of people visit them every day. If you are looking to build a forum site, then you should consider the following top templates to use.


Many claim that vBulletin is one of the mostly used forum templates online. Its package is found on the best and most popular online forums. The features vBulletin offers are very helpful, powerful and easy to use. No matter if you are beginner in designing a site or an experienced designer – vBulletin is a great choice. With vBulletin you have over dozen customizable themes with different outlook and colors. You can set the resolution limits and file size by type and getting a clear overview of the forum activity is one of the standard features. Several types of statistics and logs panels are also included, so vBulletin offers everything you need for creation of a forum site.


bbPress can be downloaded from WordPress Plugin Directory and is well worth to have it for building a forum website. It is very simple and easy to use, and extremely helpful when you want to add a forum to a site. You can take advantage of numerous nice features and top options, as well as handy plugins. It will not take many resources to start, you can create multiple forums at once and there are many customizable themes, as well as spam protection options. Definitely one of the better things to use when building a forum site.


SMF or short for Simple Machines Forum is very affordable and simple to use. It may not have too many superior options, but it is definitely a good choice for building a forum site. Pick a theme to match the forum version, set a few options here and there, and you are good to go.


Websites created with phpBB are very popular because of the great things they offer. Support and community interaction are perfect, and individuals can set up forum boards within few minutes. If you are looking for quick and efficient solution then phpBB is your great choice. This template is released under GNU and can be adjusted and expanded if necessary. There are plenty of free modifications and add-ons of which you can benefit, so give it a try to see what phpBB is all about.

These were the best templates to use when planning to build a forum site. There are plenty of other plugins and helpful sites that can help you build something nice and unique. Perform a small online research and you will certainly find good information about how you can create a fantastic forum site. You can also get in touch with professionals and ask more about details of different templates, what do they offer and how to make something special. Hopefully you will find this information useful when you begin building a forum site.