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CSS and HTML Templates [what are they]

CSS Templates

CSS and HTML templates have been widely used terms, but there are many people that are still not very familiar with them. CSS templates are website designs that are made with using CSS or Cascading Style Sheets technology. CSS allows web builders to style and format website pages very easily and at once. CSS templates enhance the platform and browser compatibility, making the website stable and better. That means that website build with CSS template will look and feel perfect no matter whether it is opened in Firefox, Chrome, Windows, Mac, Internet Explorer, Linux or some other browser. Every CSS template is thoroughly checked and tested for ensuring that it meets all necessary requirements.

CSS are also helpful when coding because you do not have to label every formatting tag over and over again. These templates are hundred percent compatible with Microsoft FrontPage, Macromedia Dreamweaver and other editors. With CSS, you are getting faster and easier technology than with HTML coding. CSS templates also add more flexibility to the website, which is great if you need to make some modification at some web pages later.

HTML Templates

HTML templates are used so the plain text file will display the images, text, scripts, animations and other elements on the website. Web browsers use HTML to format and display websites. HTML Templates include integrated text content, images and other files. End user plugs text, information, animation and images into the design and uploads it for correct viewing online.  HTML web templates can be built by using XHTML or HTML and include JavaScript and CSS code. PHP templates usually include HTML code and HTML 5 is the current version that is widely used on most websites online. It is supported by mobile devices as well, so its popularity is very high.

For those that do not know – HTML is abbreviation for Hyper Text Markup Language. It involves set of many codes that are inserted into specific text files to show the inserted images, links and other things. With HTML the objects and images can be embedded and used for creating interactive forms. HTML is a plain text, which allows bigger flexibility for web templates.

Both CSS and HTML templates are used equally so it is up to you to choose which ones you prefer. Each comes with pros and cons so a detailed comparison is needed when choosing one. It is advisable you get in touch with CSS and HTML experts for making more informed decision about which template to use when making a website. Better yet – hire a professional and rest assured that the website you are planning will be created according your wishes.