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Dating Sites [Best Templates]

Dating websites are popular places for meeting partners. Not all dating sites are same, so if you want to create a dating site then you need something extra that will stand out. If the dating site has a nice and quality template then chances are high that it will be visited by many people. If you do not want to hire a web designer to build a dating site for you, you have opportunity to build it yourself by using some nice templates. If you search online you will find hundreds of stylish designs and great templates that can serve great purpose. You have numerous tools available to make the website look as you wish. Some of the themes include process definition language which you can read more on by going to XPDL. Some templates have top features like giving ability to users to make detailed dating profiles, communicate through forums, send and receive direct messages and other stuff. Among the hundreds of templates you can use, we are recommending the following as the best to use for your dating site.

  • Dating Theme is a great template to use for a dating site. This template has some nice interactive features that you will definitely love. It comes with a built-in chat room, indicator for online status, private messages feature, and option for sending winks or gifts to users. Besides that, it also comes with a distance calculator that shows how far apart are the members on the site, which is very helpful for those that want to meet someone living close. With this template you can offer packages and memberships and set up charges for some things on the site.
  • Seeko is a stylish and modern template for a website that you can use. It also comes with some fantastic features that will give high-quality design to the dating site. On the default layout there is a search feature for browsing through members of the site. There is also a membership plugin and many tools that should help users find their perfect match on the dating site. Interactive features for communication are also available and there are also options for creating and joining different types of groups. Geolocation filter is another great tool for users to use and the entire template can be easily customized. Changing words, logo, colors, and fonts can be done easily with a couple of clicks.
  • Sweet Date is another template filled with everything necessary for building great dating site. There is a paid membership plugin, among other things, as well as other very handy options. Customizable features, slick graphics, easy navigation and registration integration, easy sign-up process are some standard things you can expect. With this theme you are getting a stunning visual appeal that you will definitely love. Responsive, mobile-friendly design is another plus. All in all, you have everything you need for creating a fabulous dating site.

These were some of the best templates you can find and we strongly recommend them to use if you plan to build a dating site. Satisfaction and visual pleasure are guaranteed.

Why You Should Use Html5 Templates Nowadays

Every developer has to make their own choice about templating systems, but most of the time, it is just because they don’t know what to choose.  That’s why I developed this website.  I’ve got all types of information about the most popular frameworks, libraries, and tools you can use.  If you are a web developer, you should definitely use HTML5 templates nowadays!

Html. Note is written on a white sticker that hangs with a clothespin on a rope on a background of window glass

What is Html5 template?

HTML5, or Hypertext Markup Language 5, is a markup language that is in the process of being standardized. Currently, it is still in development, but it is expected to become the main way people build websites, and many large companies have already adopted the language. HTML5 is being developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), a non-profit organization that works to ensure the growth and development of the internet.

If you have been around the web for a while, you may have heard of HTML5 and the benefits of using it. HTML5 is the language that the web is written in, and almost all modern websites are now built with the language, but there are still plenty of people who aren’t familiar with it. A few years back, the only way to create websites was with complicated code. HTML, coupled with images and CSS, made up the so-called code-base, making designing a site a tricky task. If you published anything that showed up on search engines, you were basically spamming, so you had to create a website that looked like it was professionally designed and get it done fast.

Everything from the web has gone to a more visual format through the years. From websites to social media posts to all sorts of content on the web, everyone is on some sort of visual journey. However, it was once kind of a dull affair. Now, the only way to truly enjoy the bliss of a blog or website is if you have a theme that has a dedicated, consistent visual identity, and this is exactly what a strong theme does. HTML5 is quickly becoming the standard for mobile and desktop browsers, and that means that once you’ve adopted it, you can start using your website on all devices.

Forum Sites [Best Templates]

Online forums have always been popular places for discussion. There are thousands of different forums on virtually any topic and millions of people visit them every day. If you are looking to build a forum site, then you should consider the following top templates to use.


Many claim that vBulletin is one of the mostly used forum templates online. Its package is found on the best and most popular online forums. The features vBulletin offers are very helpful, powerful and easy to use. No matter if you are beginner in designing a site or an experienced designer – vBulletin is a great choice. With vBulletin you have over dozen customizable themes with different outlook and colors. You can set the resolution limits and file size by type and getting a clear overview of the forum activity is one of the standard features. Several types of statistics and logs panels are also included, so vBulletin offers everything you need for creation of a forum site.


bbPress can be downloaded from WordPress Plugin Directory and is well worth to have it for building a forum website. It is very simple and easy to use, and extremely helpful when you want to add a forum to a site. You can take advantage of numerous nice features and top options, as well as handy plugins. It will not take many resources to start, you can create multiple forums at once and there are many customizable themes, as well as spam protection options. Definitely one of the better things to use when building a forum site.


SMF or short for Simple Machines Forum is very affordable and simple to use. It may not have too many superior options, but it is definitely a good choice for building a forum site. Pick a theme to match the forum version, set a few options here and there, and you are good to go.


Websites created with phpBB are very popular because of the great things they offer. Support and community interaction are perfect, and individuals can set up forum boards within few minutes. If you are looking for quick and efficient solution then phpBB is your great choice. This template is released under GNU and can be adjusted and expanded if necessary. There are plenty of free modifications and add-ons of which you can benefit, so give it a try to see what phpBB is all about.

These were the best templates to use when planning to build a forum site. There are plenty of other plugins and helpful sites that can help you build something nice and unique. Perform a small online research and you will certainly find good information about how you can create a fantastic forum site. You can also get in touch with professionals and ask more about details of different templates, what do they offer and how to make something special. Hopefully you will find this information useful when you begin building a forum site.

CSS and HTML Templates [what are they]

CSS Templates

CSS and HTML templates have been widely used terms, but there are many people that are still not very familiar with them. CSS templates are website designs that are made with using CSS or Cascading Style Sheets technology. CSS allows web builders to style and format website pages very easily and at once. CSS templates enhance the platform and browser compatibility, making the website stable and better. That means that website build with CSS template will look and feel perfect no matter whether it is opened in Firefox, Chrome, Windows, Mac, Internet Explorer, Linux or some other browser. Every CSS template is thoroughly checked and tested for ensuring that it meets all necessary requirements.

CSS are also helpful when coding because you do not have to label every formatting tag over and over again. These templates are hundred percent compatible with Microsoft FrontPage, Macromedia Dreamweaver and other editors. With CSS, you are getting faster and easier technology than with HTML coding. CSS templates also add more flexibility to the website, which is great if you need to make some modification at some web pages later.

HTML Templates

HTML templates are used so the plain text file will display the images, text, scripts, animations and other elements on the website. Web browsers use HTML to format and display websites. HTML Templates include integrated text content, images and other files. End user plugs text, information, animation and images into the design and uploads it for correct viewing online.  HTML web templates can be built by using XHTML or HTML and include JavaScript and CSS code. PHP templates usually include HTML code and HTML 5 is the current version that is widely used on most websites online. It is supported by mobile devices as well, so its popularity is very high.

For those that do not know – HTML is abbreviation for Hyper Text Markup Language. It involves set of many codes that are inserted into specific text files to show the inserted images, links and other things. With HTML the objects and images can be embedded and used for creating interactive forms. HTML is a plain text, which allows bigger flexibility for web templates.

Both CSS and HTML templates are used equally so it is up to you to choose which ones you prefer. Each comes with pros and cons so a detailed comparison is needed when choosing one. It is advisable you get in touch with CSS and HTML experts for making more informed decision about which template to use when making a website. Better yet – hire a professional and rest assured that the website you are planning will be created according your wishes.